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The Shop / $50+ Value Mystery Box - Kid Edition

$50+ Value Mystery Box - Kid Edition


Product Description

Regular Price $50 • Packed with over $50 of Licensed Disney goodies
• Great for ages 3 to 7 • Customize with Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral
• Super fast Priority shipping
• Makes a great gift!
Neutral - May contain Male, Female or Gender Neutral items
Male - May contain Male or Gender Neutral Items
Female - May contain Female or Gender Neutral Items

Single box purchases ship once per week. Merchandise pictured is just a sample. Actual items are a surprise mix. Ordering multiple boxes will result in receiving duplicate items. Shipping estimated in cart. Contains a huge assortment of Disney items. Ages 3 and older.

*NOTE - Not recommended for current or past members of our monthly boxes as you may have already received items included in this box.

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